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Monolith series chairs (red&black)

Monolith series chairs (red&black)


Title: Monolith series chairs (red&black) 

Year: 2021

Size: 18x18x32

Limited edition 2/2


Designed and produced by Toronto-based design collective Zero Feel.


“We had been asked to build non-conductive insulating barriers for an electrical project that contained many exposed high voltage electrical parts. We selected expanded polystyrene foam for its ability to be custom shaped and easily fitted while still being lightweight. For durability against the elements and electrical safety the foam was coated in a heavy-duty urethane rubber. The project generated a substantial amount of scrap foam. The scrap pieces often became useful around the job site as makeshift stools and lunch tables. As these makeshift pieces where being used they would often chip and spall with varying outcomes.


The sculptural look of these damaged pieces reminded us of ancient building site monuments, and the captivating nature of their seemingly rudimentary forms. This led to a desire to repurpose the on-site waste into a series of interesting and useful designs using minimal shaping and decoration, reminiscent of ancient stonework. The monolith series consists of several small tables, as well as these chairs.


We found the larger(monolithic) proportions give these chairs a childish feel even though they are based on traditional dimensions. The red and black finish is inspired by traditional Sioux medicine wheel colours, with red representing the earth, physical health, and youthfulness. The black represents the water, adulthood, and emotional health.”

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