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San Sheng Art Space (SSAS) is an art platform founded by Yuluo Anita Wei in November 2020. It is an energetic and inclusive gathering space that is constantly growing and always looking for resonance.

SSAS focuses on communities, encourages cross-border cultural exchanges, and is committed to bringing art into everyday lives in a fresh and enriching way, engaging in multi-level communication and discussions from artists to the public.

三生艺术空间(SSAS) 是由韦雨落于2020年11月在加拿大成立的艺术平台,这是一个开阔、自由的线上线下空间,永远在成长,永远期待回响与共振。
SSAS 关注青年艺术家,鼓励跨境艺术交流。我们思考艺术与当代生活的可能性,致力于把艺术以轻松、丰富的方式拉入日常生活,与大众展开多层次的交流讨论。


San Sheng acknowledges the ancestral and traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples across the regions that we live and work. We express our gratitude and honour towards the Indigenous Peoples who are the keepers of these lands that have existed since time immemorial. 

We are grateful to operate in Markham, Ontario, the traditional territories of the Anishinaabe Peoples and of the Haudenosaunee Peoples.  

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san sheng/三生 (three gives birth) is an excerpt from the ancient Chinese classic tao te ching 道德经, a fundamental philosophical text written in the fourth century BC.


The original quote, 一生二,二生三,三生万物, can be translated as: The Dao gives birth to the unified thing (One); the One splits into two opposites (Two); the Two gives birth to another (Three), and the newborn Three produces myriad things. 

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