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Agency of Designer in the Age of AI

Opening: 6 -8 PM, January 22, 2024 (Click here to join online)

Time: January 22, 2024 — January 28, 2024


Curators: Peggy Yu, Tom Chan, Han Tu

Contributors: Alawiya Ali, Amr Fouad, Fatemeh Saeedinasab, Felipe Felix, Lucas Duarte

Exhibition Coordinator: Sherry Chunqing Liu

Compilation of Student Films in AI Workshop

Agency of Designer in the Age of AI is an exhibition showcasing the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and design, featuring a virtual reality (VR) representation of a futuristic world, film compilations highlighting Al's impact on visual media, and research projects by Latent Objects Limited.

The opening ceremony will be a public discussion between invited guests around the globe, such as the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London, MIT in the U.S. and the University of Toronto, both online and in person.

Film Screening (VR / TV Screen)

Fake Authenticity / Film / 2023 / Peggy Yu

Simulacra's Gaze / Film / 2023 / Peggy Yu

Gall-E / Film / 2023 / Tom Chan

Latent Object! 404 gLitch? / Film / 2023 / DigitalFuture Students

*Convergence: A Journey Through Imagined Realms*


This exhibition invites viewers to explore the intersection of imagination and architecture, where the boundaries of reality blur with the fantastical. Each image represents a portal to an alternate reality, demonstrating how visionary design can transform our perception of space and environment. Though physical objects and VR interactive to create four distinct space to showcase the works.

Four connected VR narrative

Here's how each selected VR room ties into the overarching theme: Oceanic Concert Venue in Cyberpunk City Dystopia (Room 2): Convergence of nature's fluidity with urban technoculture, highlighting the Contrast between organic forms and synthetic constructs. Brutalist Museum Aerial View in Foggy Atmospheric Scene (Room 1): Convergence of art and obscurity, with the Contrast of imposing concrete structures emerging from the ethereal fog, symbolizing the search for meaning through the fog of history.

Futuristic Tower with Floating Garden in Pantheon Variation with Architectural Gods(Room 4): Convergence of futuristic aspirations with ancient reverence, creating a Contrast between the natural world and human ambition, venerating the synthesis as a new form of architectural deity. Dystopian Cityscape with Organic Building in Legoland of Pixelated Boxes (Room 3): Convergence of decay and growth, showcasing the contrast between the rigid, pixelated urban sprawl and the fluid, organic architecture that represents hope and adaptation.


Peggy Yu:

Peggy (Peiyao) Yu is a media artist and architectural designer. She studied at Architectural Association Diploma. Recently, she won the Young Architect Competition "Dream Villas - YAC". She is also the winner of the RIBA's "Future City - Metaverse Festival 2022". She was a previous researcher and a juror at workshops organized at Tongji University, Shanghai. She has various experiences from built installations, including digital fabrication and interactive narrative performances, ranging from physical installation and robotics to media art.

Tom Chan:

Tom holds a Master of Architecture (AA Diploma) at the AA School of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. He currently works in Foster + Partners in the UK and has worked in Peter Cook Architects as a visualizer. His works were published by Architecture Magazine in London and Barcelona Design Week.

Han Tu:

Han is an SMArchS Graduate in Design & Computation and Computer Science at MIT. She received a Diploma in Architecture from Tongji University and a Master of Architecture and a big data program from Tsinghua University. She is a researcher with an extensive background in programming and computational design. Aspiring to leverage programming and computer science skills to revolutionize physiological sensing in VR.

This exhibition is participated as part of DesignTO 2024.

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