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  • Referral discount?
    We invite you to join our Referral Program if you have friends who need similar service.. You will receive a discount coupon from us if you run an individual platform (such as Instagram or WeChat Officials). Your friends and followers will receive a 30% discount code. You will receive a 1-month package subscription/referral (US & Canada & Asia & Other areas) for free, for up to 24 months on top of your current subscription.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Yes, we understand that circumstances can change. You have the flexibility to cancel your Arthead subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account and cancel it, or reach out to us.
  • Can I switch from one list to another?
    Yes. Please give us a notice 7 days in advance before the next list date.
  • Do I need the list?
    Our tailored lists feature calls and opportunities for exhibitions, residencies, grants, fundings, jobs, public art, and more. Subscribing to Arthead can save you time and effort in searching for relevant opportunities, ensuring that you stay informed, especially about opportunities that value and compensate artists.
  • Is my private info secure?
    We take privacy and security very seriously and only use provided info to send out open calls & news. We have strict measures in place to ensure that your private information is protected and not shared with anyone else.
  • How are lists chosen?
    (Founder here) As an independent curator myself, I understand the importance of finding good calls and opportunities. I meticulously research and select each call and opportunity and prioritize opportunities that are appealing and actually pay artists and curators. Bottom line: if the call is not interesting to me, I would pass.
  • Can I buy this service as a gift for my friends / aritsts?
    Absolutely! Arthead offers the option to purchase our email list service as a gift for your friend. During checkout, simply provide your friend's name and email address, and they will receive a notification email with the details.
  • Currency and payment
    All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, tax included. We accept payment by debit, credit, PayPal, ChinaUnionPay(银联) and AliPay (支付宝).
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